LA GOP declares victory over its elected convention delegates

The Louisiana GOP has no respect for its members, its own rules, or the truth. And I’m mad as hell about it.

Today, the Louisana GOP discarded history and formally adopted an official narrative [local PDF archive] of what happened at the state convention. The press release claims that Ron Paul delegates “refused to participate in the state convention,” and that the party just had to appoint delegates to the national convention itself since the Ron Paul delegates didn’t participate.

I was there, I participated, and we won. I was even elected to be an alternate delegate to the national convention. Local news sources saw Ron Paul delegates participating in the convention. There’s plenty of video showing the Ron Paul delegates’ participation. There was even a political cartoon!

But the Paul victory upsets the party and undermines the story that Mitt Romney has already won all the marbles. So the organization ignored its loss and declared victory. Despite Ron Paul delegates comprising a majority of the state convention and despite the convention electing a slate with Ron Paul delegates to the National Convention next month, the party has decided to send a gaggle of party insiders to the national convention instead of the duly elected delegates.

The Ron Paul delegates—my friends and I—played by all the rules. We followed every procedure and won the contest fair and square. But now the party is rewriting history and doing everything it can to maintain the status quo.

The Louisiana GOP’s behavior is childish, underhanded, and despicable. Worse, it shows a complete lack of respect for its membership, a contempt for our electoral process, and a disregard for the law and the organization’s own bylaws. Shame on the state party and shame on its chairman, Roger Villere.

Last stop: presenting our case to the credentials committee of the Republican National Convention. The committee may rubber stamp the state party’s outrageous behavior and seat the state party’s anointed delegation, but they’ll have to do it in front of God and everybody. Hopefully, they’ll do what’s right.


2 thoughts on “LA GOP declares victory over its elected convention delegates

  1. This has happened pretty much all along the way with Ron Paul and his supporters. Like Obama, GOP has to lie, cheat and finagle to get a false “win”. Pitiful mess the two Parties have gotten us into. But we have taught our young and ultimately truth shall prevail. The liars, cheaters still haven’t gotten the message that they cannot “take any of their ill-gotten gains with them when they die”. Their legacy is be shame.

  2. the GOP has proven itself to be a corrupt organization bought and paid for by the financial elite, just like the democrats. they want their guy in there who is a virtual twin of the guy sitting in the White House. I will not vote the way they want, I will not support who they want and I will not register any more people into the party. I am done with them. I am switching back to a non partisan. romney will lose to barry and it will be the GOP’s fault. then the party will die. good riddance.

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