New dictionary reviews!

The Civil Law Dictionary I wrote with Stephan Kinsella has been getting some renewed attention lately. The reviews are in and they’re very good!

Last month, Philip Gragg reviewed the Dictionary in the latest issue of LSU’s Journal of Civil Law Studies. From the article:

This work is a great access point to Louisiana law, particularly for those unfamiliar with the state. It is also a quick reference that could be used by practitioners.

Those are two of the main audiences we were shooting for with the Dictionary: out-of-state attorneys just wading into our legal system and practicing Louisiana attorneys needing a quick reminder about words they promptly forgot after taking the bar exam. Success!

Just today, Jeff Richardson reviewed the electronic version of the Dictionary on his blog, iPhone J.D. His review even included some really nice screenshots of the e-book version in action on his iOS devices. Shiny.

His bottom line:

If you practice law in Louisiana, or if you just want to impress your friends with legal terms that almost sound naughty such “naked owner” and “usufruct,” then consider getting this ebook for your iPad and iPhone.

I appreciate that someone else finds those legal terms vaguely dirty. (As for dirty common law terms, have I got a springing executory interest for you.)

Many thanks to both Messrs. Gragg and Richardson for taking the time to write these very nice reviews!

LA GOP declares victory over its elected convention delegates

The Louisiana GOP has no respect for its members, its own rules, or the truth. And I’m mad as hell about it.

Today, the Louisana GOP discarded history and formally adopted an official narrative [local PDF archive] of what happened at the state convention. The press release claims that Ron Paul delegates “refused to participate in the state convention,” and that the party just had to appoint delegates to the national convention itself since the Ron Paul delegates didn’t participate.

I was there, I participated, and we won. I was even elected to be an alternate delegate to the national convention. Local news sources saw Ron Paul delegates participating in the convention. There’s plenty of video showing the Ron Paul delegates’ participation. There was even a political cartoon!

But the Paul victory upsets the party and undermines the story that Mitt Romney has already won all the marbles. So the organization ignored its loss and declared victory. Despite Ron Paul delegates comprising a majority of the state convention and despite the convention electing a slate with Ron Paul delegates to the National Convention next month, the party has decided to send a gaggle of party insiders to the national convention instead of the duly elected delegates.

The Ron Paul delegates—my friends and I—played by all the rules. We followed every procedure and won the contest fair and square. But now the party is rewriting history and doing everything it can to maintain the status quo.

The Louisiana GOP’s behavior is childish, underhanded, and despicable. Worse, it shows a complete lack of respect for its membership, a contempt for our electoral process, and a disregard for the law and the organization’s own bylaws. Shame on the state party and shame on its chairman, Roger Villere.

Last stop: presenting our case to the credentials committee of the Republican National Convention. The committee may rubber stamp the state party’s outrageous behavior and seat the state party’s anointed delegation, but they’ll have to do it in front of God and everybody. Hopefully, they’ll do what’s right.


For-Profit Education Now Available

An article Walter Block and I wrote opposing school vouchers a long time ago was included in the For-Profit volume of the Opposing Viewpoints book series. I got a copy in the mail today, and it looks great. It’s also available via amazon (referral link).

Opposing Viewpoints is a long-running series that dedicates a whole volume to each of a range of controversial topics. The books present the major issues and sub-issues in a pro–con format using articles, cartoons, quotations, and other materials collected from many sources. They’re designed to give children a fairly balanced overview of the topics from all the major sides.

Alton Brown in New Orleans

Alton Brown is coming to Octavia Books on October 19, 2011, to sign copies of the newest volume in the Good Eats series, Good Eats 3: The Later Years.

The cost of a ticket is the price of a copy of the book at Octavia. You trade the ticket for the book at the signing. Unfortunately, the store’s website indicates that Alton will only be signing books purchased from the store. I bought my ticket yesterday, and it came to just over $40 with in-store pickup. Also, for those who want pictures with AB, keep in mind his no-camera-phone policy (third paragraph from the bottom) and bring a real camera.

See you there!